Install at Maypop Restaurant, September 2017


We've gotten into the interior landscaping ("interior-scaping?") business. 

Maypop is a new-ish New Orleans restaurant in the burgeoning South Market District. Its Southeast Asian-inspired Creole cuisine is a welcome addition to the downtown restaurant scene.

We were hired to install wall-mounted planters and low-maintenance, foliage-centric plants, and to maintain them monthly. We ended up going with a few personal favorites: lemon ball sedum, queen's tears bromeliads (billbergia nutans), and for the men's and women's restrooms, thick-glazed ceramic pots containing zz (Zamioculcas zamiifolia) and aspidistra plants. All hardy, exotic and somewhat tropical, chosen to match the vibe of Maypop.

Interested in getting some interior-scaping done? Get in touch.

maypop install3.jpg



Mark SandersComment