Before & After: Bourree/Boucherie restaurants, Uptown New Orleans

Back in February I was contacted by the owners of adjoining Uptown New Orleans restaurants Bourree and Boucherie. They were expanding their dining area into an outdoor patio and wanted privacy screening for guests. Bamboo was a good option.

This install was a little different from others, since the space allotted for bamboos was a 4" wide planter, far more narrow than any I'd worked with. The bamboo we ended up using, however (Bambusa Multiplex, Golden Goddess variety) is one of the most versatile of any clumping bamboos, and it worked beautifully.

Below are before-and-after photos of the project; first ones were taken in March 2017 and the last was taken in August 2017. In just 6 months, this bamboo is approximately 75% mature. By next spring, it will be completely filled in.


bourree boucherie ninth ward nursery1.jpg
bourree boucherie ninth ward nursery2.jpg

After six months:

bourree boucherie ninth ward nursery3.jpg
bourree boucherie ninth ward nursery4.jpg
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