Before and After: Race + Religious

Bambusa Multiplex 'Alphonse Karr' is one of the most widely used landscaping bamboos around. It's noninvasive, very hardy and grows fast, and its bright yellow culms and green leaves make it an especially popular, exotic specimen.

However, it's also going through a massive multi-year flowering episode. Once every few years, or in some cases, a few decades, different bamboo species will begin flowering, after which they'll produce seeds. In the very rare instances where this happens (and some bamboos have never been known to flower), the plants expend so much energy that they'll often die. That's been the case with Alphonse Karr over the past couple years.

Ninth Ward Nursery was hired to remove a large Alphonse Karr at Race + Religious, an events venue in New Orleans. Here are some before-and-after photos:




bamboo removal ninth ward nursery3.jpg
bamboo removal ninth ward nursery4


bamboo removal ninth ward nursery5.jpg
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