We're in the eucalyptus game!

eucalyptus at ninth ward nursery

Super exciting news at the nursery, for us plant nerds anyway: We've started selling eucalyptus trees!

Why eucalyptus?

For starters, it's appropriate for what the nursery's about. Ninth Ward Nursery specializes in bamboo and hard-to-find tropical plants for landscaping and interiors. Eucalyptus definitely falls into the latter category.

Second reason is its utility and versatility. The several varieties of eucalyptus we're now carrying are cold- and heat-hardy, grow to reasonable heights — none more than 20' tall when mature — and they smell and look great year-round. When we put the starter plants in the greenhouse yesterday, it instantly smelled like, you know... eucalyptus. Which is awesome.

Plants start at $25 and are available now. Interested? Get in touch! Text/call 504-296-8398 or email ninthwardnursery@gmail.com.