Chinese Fan Palm

Chinese fan palms are among the most popular and versatile of any you'll find in the Southeast. They grow 40-50' tall, with a span of around 15'. Drought tolerant, sun-tolerant and cold resistant down to 25 degrees.









Lady Palm (Rhapis Excelsa)

Lady palms are widely used as garden accents or as container plants, performing well in a variety of settings and climates. With a maximum height of 10', this easy-to-care-for palm adds a dose of tropical charm to any garden.

Lady palms grow at a rate of approximately 12" per year, and send up new shoots throughout their growth cycle. They are cold hardy to 20 degrees, and thrive in humidity. They also work especially well as indoor plants, though bringing them inside will slow their growth rate.






Dwarf Palmetto

This cold-hardy native palm can be found throughout the swamps of the southeastern U.S., though it's hard to find in most nurseries. Dwarf palmettos gradually reach a maximum height of 6', with a total width of approximately 5'. These look great as mass plantings and grow best in full sun.